Password Manager

Password management gets confusing nowadays. In the „good old days“ of computing, you had a number of acounts easily remembered. Than e-banking kicked in, then ebay, then uncountable many free web services, and some not-so free services, all requiring indvididual registration.

Plain text files on an encrypted file system are no longer acceptable.

Then I discovered Password Safe, in its original form by Bruce Schneier, the cryptography guru. I used that software several years. Unfortunately, it had some quirks and bugs in the GUI. Upon updating to the latest version, the database broke. It was time to look for an alternative.

After a night or two of surfing and evaluating I finally settled with KeePass. It is also free and opensource. The GUI is spiffy. And it has a most-wanted feature: AUTOLOGIN.

If you encounter a web page you have a login for, you just hit CTRL-ALT-A, and KeePass identifies the window, fills the login form fields, and submits the form, logging you in.

Even better, you can use KeePass as a Webpage launcher: just doubleklick an entry, and it opens a browser and performs auto-login. Wow!

The database is one encrypted file, ready to be emailed. Be sure to use a strong keyphrase.

Did I say it’s free?

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