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I was looking for some clever way to organize all my information regarding, well, life is too much a word, but a lot of things. A Wiki seemed the right way to go…

I wanted something simple, light-weight, fast. Java was ruled out due to ongoing incompatibilities with FreeBSD, my application server platform. Perl from hell is a no-go anyway. No fancy programming language as web server module. Of course no Zope as another heavy-weight champion instead of Java.

Also, the Wiki should not use a database for page storage to make the content easily accessible and not to incur additional db load on the application server. It boiled down to two choices…

Moin Moin Wiki looked good and had more than enough features out of the box. Unfortunately, it required python as an apache module. Not that I dislike python, on the contrary, it’s a nice and clean programming language, though starting to have the perl-versioning-syndrome, but… I didn’t want to depend on another language module of the apache server.

Hence, I gave DokuWiki a go. Programmed in PHP, easy setup, has ACLs, and the LDAP authentication backend works out of the box, yeah, namespaces are available, automatic table of content generation! Pages are text files.

Multi-language support for pages is missing, as are sidebars. But so what.

Prerequisites is a running webserver with php support. Apache 2 + mod_php works just fine.

Others think the same, see e.g. Ein Wiki muss her…

For a general Wiki comparison see WikiMatrix.

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