A Famous Victory


Name A Famous Victory
Reihe Great Leaders, Great Battles Series
Reihe Vol. 1, Marlborough and the Sun King
Thema Zwei Schlachten im Spanischen Erbfolgekrieg
Epoche 13.08.1704 und 23.05.1706
Spielebene taktisch
Zeitmaßstab 30 Minuten/Zug
Kartenmaßstab 175 bzw. 150 yards/Hex
Einheitenmaßstab Batallione/Regimenter
Anzahl Spieler 2
Spielzeit 4-7 Stunden
Counterzahl 720
Kartengröße 22”x24”
Regelseiten 32
Komplexität mittel
Jahr 1994
Hersteller Moments in History
Info-URL Grognard


Ich zitiere die Rückseite der Box:

Blenheim, August 13, 1704: In the first of his brilliant maneuver campaigns, the Duke of Marlborough has moved his army swiftly south, to the Danube, to prevent the juncture of two of Louis XIV’s large armies. After surprising and smashing the Bavarians at Donauworth he turns west, along the river, where, at Blindheim, the armies of Marshal Tallard and Elector Max sit in a marvelous defensive position. Surely the English won’t be so stupid as to attack; that’s simpy not what one does! But that’s exactly what the Duke and his compatriot, Prince Eugene, do. Can the Anglo-Allies survive thesuperior French artillery? Can they fight their way across the streams and the marshes? Or will French command lethargy, tactical blindness, and an unfortunate horse disease give the Allies the civtory?

Ramillies, May 23, 1706: Louis XIV, smarting from the disaster at Blenheim, sends Marshal Villeroi into the Low Countries to campaign against the pesky Duke. But Marlborough is just as eager to crush the French as ever, and he has no intention of following the usual procedure of avoiding battle until late in the season… so that the battle has no lasting effect. Villeroi moves his spanking new army, led by the venerable and elite Maison de Roi cavalry, into place in around the village of Ramillies. The Duke takes the bait and, even though it’s still Spring, moves to the attack. Will Villeroi’s elite cavalry enable him to hold his village-oriented position. Or will the Duke use, once again, his flank fakes and then center attack to smash the Sun King’s forces?

The Game: For the first time ever, a close look is taken at these musket and bayonet battles. Although the complexity is only moderate, A Famous Victory delivers the full period flavor necessary to recreate bloody early 18th century combat successfully. A Famous Victory uses an innovative interactive sequence of play, portraying the imporance of command control and the brutality of mass melee.

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