Gulf Strike


Name Gulf Strike (inklusive des Zusatzmoduls “Desert Shield”)
Genre Moderne
Thema Golfkonflikt
Epoche 1980-1990
Spielebene operationell UND strategisch
Zeitmaßstab 2 Tage/Zug
Kartenmaßstab 28 km/operationellem Hex, 280 km/strategischem Hex
Einheitenmaßstab diverse
Anzahl Spieler 2 (”also recommended for team play)”
Spielzeit 2-45 Stunden
Counterzahl 1430
Kartengröße 2x 32”x22”, 2x 16”x22”, 1x 8”x22”
Regelseiten 60+16+12+16
Komplexität hoch
Jahr 1983-1990
Hersteller Victory Games
Info-URL Grognard


Wieder das Zitat der Rückseite der Spielbox:

History of Gulf Strike: Gulf Strike was designed to be the state of the art in Land, Air, and Sea modern simulation. Since its original rlease, Gulf Strike has shown its ability to simulate the changing character of the Gulf Wars from the Iran-Iraq war to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and its potential aftermath. In fact the original 1983 edition correctly anticipated the type and character of units the United States would send to the region in the event of a crisis. […] Seven complete scenarios cover the recent history of the region, plus the current Desert Shield operation, and portray the multitude of alliances possible to counter threats arising in numerous quarters. Complete air, land, and sea orders of battle for several dozen nations [14] allow you to fight each conflict to its unpredictable and often startling conclusion.

  • Air Missions: Dozens of differentiated aircraft types perform combat, transport, EWDA and ferry missions.
  • Land Offensives: Units in assault formations take on enemies dug in for defense, as supply, engineer, air defense, and artillery units wage a battle of desperate, often devstating, support.
  • Triphibious Integration: A remarkably fluid Sequence of Play [*hüstel*] that allows players to exploit the full potential of their air, land and naval assets.
  • Naval Operation: Carriers, submarines, and surface combatants slug it out with missiles, gunnery, mines, and aircraft while large Marine amphibious landings not seen since WOrld War II threaten enemy shores.
  • Operational and Strategic Levels: Neither player can ignore the world beyond the battle zone. Sea and air lanes may be opened or closed on the Strategic Map, radically altering the Operational Map situation. It is these critical lines of communication that allow US Desert Shield forces to survice in the Saudi Arabian desert.
  • Extensive Unit Differentiation: Divisions, regiments, brigades, and battalions of armor, mech, engineers, artillery, air defense, special forces, and other types; naval units, from nuclear carriers – complete with all aircraft; air units distinguished by type […] all fully and authentically characterized.

Meine Meinung

Ziemlich kompliziertes Spiel und durch die Integration der Armeeteile auch komplex. Das Konzept, die operationelle und strategische Eben zu kombinieren gefällt mir sehr gut und ist sowieso von mir geklaut 🙂

Die Werbung und das Regelwerk ist etwas sehr gehypet und erinnert mich an die übliche Schwarz-Weiß, nein, Rot-Blau Malerei.


Vorerst unspielbar, der Aufwand zum Erlernen ist nicht trivial und zahlt sich im Spielspaß eventuell nicht aus.

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