Flat Top


Name Flat Top
Genre 2. Weltkrieg
Thema Flugzeugträgerschlachten im Pazifik/Solomon Inseln
Epoche 1942
Spielebene operationell
Zeitmaßstab 1 Stunde/Zug
Kartenmaßstab 20 Meilen/Hex
Einheitenmaßstab 1 Schiff/Counter, 3 Flugzeuge/Counter
Anzahl Spieler 2-4
Spielzeit 4+ Stunden
Counterzahl 1300
Kartengröße 2x 28”x22”
Regelseiten 36
Komplexität 10/10 (alte Avalon Hill Skala)
Komplexität 7/10 (meine Avalon Hill Skala)
Jahr 1981
Hersteller Avalon Hill
Info-URL Grognard


Ich zitiere die etwas längliche Rückseite der Box:

In 1942, the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and the surrounding waters hosted many of the hardest-fought and most critical battles in the Pacific Theatre. It was at the Battle of the Coral Sea that the Japanese expansion was first lowed. Later, Guadalcanal became the site of the first, major Allied offensive. Indeed, one half of the carrier battles of the whole war were fought in this area. Because many of these battles were between fairly equal, well matched forces, they present the ideal situation for a highly competitive, balanced game while at the same time recreating the history of the period. […]

Flat Top may be the final word on aircraft carrier operations and warfare. The luck factor is so minimal it plays little part in the outcome. Winning requires careful planning and playing skill. A true test of gaming skill.

Much of the game’s excitement comes from the hidden movement system. Unless sighted by enemy units, all units may be kept off-board. Plaers keep track of unseen units on the log sheets […]. In this way, total secrecy is maintained. While this requires a certain amount of honesty, the result is a unique blend of thrills and tension.

Players must send out search planes to find the enemy task forces. At the same time, they must be readying their strikes to launch once the enemy ships are spotted. There are countless decisions to be made eacht turn. Players must decide how many search planes to use, how to arm their planes, whether to attack enemy bases or not, how to organize their task forces, and when to attack.

[…] Each plane type has its own realistic characteristics. Planes have a range factor which represents the amount of fuel the plane has and equals the number of turns the plane can be in the air. They also have a movement factor which establishes how far a plane can fly in one turn. Each base and carrier has a readying factor and a launch factor which govern how many planes can be armed and fueled and how many can be launched in one turn.

Every major ship that fought in the Pacific in 1942 is included. Among them are American carriers Lexington, Yorktown, Enterprise, and Saratoga, and Japanese carriers Zuikaku, Shokaku, and Zuiho. […]

Other rules cover weather, surface combat, shadowing, night landings and combat, off-mapboard bases, interception combat, high and low altitudes, repairing bases, and replacements. […]

A section of optional rules adds more details to the game like rescuing survivors from sinking ships, submarines, skip bombing, strafing, towing ships, fueling at sea, critical hits, additional planes, increased [und decreased] luck, and more.

Flat Top is probably the most intense game you will ever play. So much so, we considered including artifical nails, but we decided to let you provide your own. Awarded Avalon Hill’s highest complexity rating [IMHO heute nicht mehr gerechtfertigt], this is not a game for beginners, but for the stout hearted it’s the ultimate gaming experinece.”

Meine Meinung

Das System bietet interessante Regeln für verdeckte Bewegung, die von den Spielern auf dem Papier geplant wird. Zu Kämpfen kann es erst kommen, wenn sich die Einheiten gefunden haben.

Verhältnismäßig einfaches System, aber die Komplexität der Planung ist nicht zu unterschätzen. Sehr gut ist der geringe Einfluß der Würfel auf Kampfergebnisse, der durch den Einsatz optionaler Regeln völlig eliminiert werden kann.

Die Counter sind die einfallslosesten in meiner Sammlung.


Möchte ich sehr gerne mal spielen. Einzelne Szenarien sollten auch an einem Tag durchspielbar sein. Es bedürfte aber einer gewissen Vorbereitungszeit, die Regeln noch einmal durchzunehmen.

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