Fallout Shelter

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Here is some cool imagery of the „Fallout Shelter Handbook 1962“. You get the full images via Flickr, „All Sizes“ view.

In the table of contents you’ll find chapter headings with titles like: „How You Can Survive a Nuclear War“, „Build a Shelter Now“, „Stock Up Now“, „Have a Plan of Action Now“, „While You Are in Shelter“, „Evacuation“, etc. This one was interesting: „Guerrilla Warfare“, with the tagline, „It’ll be done by the people who survive with equipment that survives.“ The chapter is filled with then-impressive photos of military weapons and vehicles: jets, tanks, missiles, and the like.

Also check out the contained link to Conelrad.com (requires JavaScript).

This is a wonderful match to our Fallout roleplaying scenario using Savage Worlds rules, check out http://cdb.wikispaces.com/Savage+Worlds+Fallout for more.

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