Authentic Map of London

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Recently I reveived „The Authentic Map of London“, Produced by Alexander Gross, published by Geographers Map Co.Ltd, as a gift. (Thanks, B. 🙂

Determining, which year it dates from is remarkably difficult. The map does not give any dates.

The first link I found was Entry 271 lists a map close to what I was looking for. It is dated to 1938, though no pictures of the map or cover are given. I am not able to match the description to what I have.

Wikipedia’s entry of Geographer’s A-Z Street Atlas has the tip, that

On all their maps, there is a 3 or 4 letter code in one of the corners, often the one containing the key. These letters represent numbers, which are the cartographic date, in the form (M)MYY.

Well, my wonderful map hasn’t, so this was not a quick win.

Though, Wikipedia also gives the image of the front map, which is remarkably close to mine, and dates it to 1957.

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